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Final 2015 Points

Congratulations to all class winners!!!!!!

Final 2015 Points

Schedule Changes

Greetings, wanted to give everyone a couple updates on the remaining events. Because of the positive feedback we received around the July event at Theilman, that included a training day followed by an event on Sunday, its been decided to do the same for the October events. We will be moving the events to Thielman and have another training day along with a one day event on Sunday. Also, because everyone really enjoyed riding with different level of riders in a group we will also repeat that structure for the Sunday event. The web site has been updated with the changes along with Lukas Gullespie as the 10/8 trials Master and Brad Villand, Nate Hirt, Ben Winterer, and a Senior instructor TBN as instructors for the 10/17 training day. Thanks, Pat

Gilbert Cup

Greetings,  this coming weekend is the 2015 UMTA Gilbert Cup event being held at the Gilbert, MN OHV park.  Its shaping up to be a nice weekend weather wise so come on out and enjoy a great place to ride.   The team set up different sections for each day that look to fun and challenging.  Also, on Saturday we will have the traditional pot luck dinner. Please bring a dish with your on Saturday.  Look forward to seeing you up at Gilbert!!!!!!

Upcoming July Events!!!

Greetings, Coming up on 7/18, we will be holding a Trial Training School lead by Brad Villand. Nate Hirt and Ben Winterer will be instructors helping Brad with the day of training. This should be a great opportunity to come out and spend some time with expert riders and learn technique and improve your riding. To register for the Trials training School, we will need the following info to no later than 7/15:

- Name
- skill level
- email address

The Class will start at 12:30 on 7/18.

On 7/19, we will have a one day event following the trials training day. Should be a lot of fun!!!!!

Also, We still need helpers for stetting up all remaining events. Please setup up and help out!!!!!!

Upcoming 6/27 & 6/28 Theilman event

Greetings, the next event is the weekend of 6/27. I will be a combined UMTA/WOTA event. Victor and team have opened up areas that haven’t been used in some time along the Hoffman gully and the Lower Classmen will get a small taste of riding on the Dark Side. Its shaping up to be a great event and Look forward to seeing you at Theilman!!!!!!

Anyone planning on using highway 60 it is closed at Mazeppa between County Road 1 and County Road 7. To avoid the road closure, from 52 exit at Zumbrota by the Kwik Stop, then go east on county 10 and follow the detour signs. It brings you back to Hwy 60 just east of Mezepa.

Current 2015 Point Standings

Current 2015 Point Standings

UMTA Points2015

5/23 & 5/24 Gilbert Event

Greetings,  this coming weekend is the first 2015 UMTA event being held at the Gilbert, MN OHV park.  Its shaping up to be a nice weekend weather wise so come on out and enjoy a great place to ride.   The team set up different sections for each day that are fun and challenging.  Also, this will be the first event with the new class structure and split markers so I reposted the Class Document for your review.  Look forward to seeing you up at Gilbert!!!!!!


UMTA Arrows and Class changesV2

2014 Season Awards Banquet


Dear UMTA Members,

All current UMTA club members and their guests are invited for the 2014 season championship awards banquet. The banquet will be held at Joseph’s Grill in St. Paul, MN. Full details below. There will be a social hour with cash bar and the usual witty banter. Dinner and awards ceremony follow. We will have door prizes generously provided by the club, our local dealers, and other trials supporters.

Please RSVP, As Soon As Possible to: Victor Wanchena by email at or 763-498-1750. RSVP’s will not be accepted after Saturday February 9th.

                                    WHERE:          Joseph’s Grill

                                                        140 South Wabasha

                                                        St. Paul, MN 55107

                                                         (651) 222-2435


COST: $25.00 per person, $10.00 per person 12 years of age and under

                           WHEN:   Saturday, February 21st, 2015

                                           3:00-4:30 pm Board Meeting (all club members welcome)

                                           4:30-6:00 pm   Social hour

                                           6:00-6:30 pm   Announcements.

                                           6:30 pm             Dinner

Dinner: We have selected a menu that includes: House Salad, Chicken Saltimbucca, Penne Pasta with Red Pepper Sauce, Beef Kabobs, and Kansas Rice.

Rule and Class Changes: After dinner there will be a brief discussion of the class rule changes for the 2015 season.

Awards: For 2014 UMTA club members who qualified for year a year-end award.

Lodging: Hotel rooms are available in the area. A partial list of nearby hotels include:

Best Western- Kelly Inn           161 St. Anthony Ave, St. Paul 651-227-8711

Embassy Suites                           175 East 10th Street, St. Paul 651-224-5400

Holiday Inn                                   175 7th Street West, St. Paul 651-225-1515

Crowne Plaza                              11 East Kellogg Blvd, St. Paul 651-292-1900

New Section Markers

Greetings,  Attached is the final Arrow and Class name changes that will be used in the 2015 season.  Click on the below link to view the document


UMTA Arrows and Class changesV2


2015 Schedule

Greetings, the 2015 schedule has been finalized and posted to the site.  Currently, we have no Trials Master, Mentor, or Helpers identified for any of the 2015 events.  Please take a look at the schedule and decide which event(s) you would like to signup for as a Trials Master, Mentor, or Helper.  The cut off date for sign up is 12/31/2014.  Please contact me ( as soon as possible with the  event(s) you would like to sign up for and work.   After the signup period ends, if we have a scheduled event with no Trials Master, the event will be canceled.  As I receive volunteers, I will update the schedule so everyone can see what events still need workers.  So please get back to me with the event(s) you wish to work ASAP!!!!!

Also, you will see on the schedule several new activities and roles.  In 2014, we had great success with the mentor program.  Marc Dittman rode most of the season mentoring and helping newcomers to MotoTrials.  In 2015, we want to make this activity a permanent part of our events.  That said, Mark will not be riding 2015 the whole season as a mentor so we need to have several upper class riders volunteer and mentor the newcomers to Mototrials. The mentor role is a great way to help grow our club and earn additional year end points!  In addition, we have added a training day to one of our event weekends.  Brad Villand will be the instructor along with several other upper class riders.  This event will be a great way to get some pointers to improve your riding skills!

As noted on the schedule, we have 2 work weekends identified.  Steve Anderson will be the Trials Master and work coordinator for those weekends except for Sunday 5/10.  As part of the first work weekend, we will be holding a Trials Master training session to help any new Trails Master with setup and any questions about setting up an event!

Check the schedule out and signup ASAP to help make the 2015 season a great success and loads of FUN!!!!!!