UMTA events have multiple lines per section to accommodate different skill levels of riders. Each line corresponds to a UMTA class. Sometimes multiple classes will share the same line too depending on how the section is setup. Here are the classes offered at all UMTA events.


The Champ class is the premier category for the most experienced trials rider. Sections are technically challenging and complicated. They are designed to test the technical skill of the elite competitor utilizing advanced techniques. This level is comparable to the North American Trials Council (NATC) Expert or Expert-Sportsman class. Sections may include:


The Expert class is for those riders who desire to compete in more technically challenging sections while minimizing exposure to unnecessary risk. Challenges should not require spotters. Expert riders should be able to handle competition and challenges approaching that typically seen in the NATC Sportsman class. Sections may include:


The Advanced class is for experienced riders who have successfully met the challenges of the Intermediate class and are ready to tackle bigger obstacles. Advanced riders should be able to handle competition and challenges approaching that typically seen in the NATC Clubman class. Sections may include:


The Intermediate class is for trials riders who are ready to start tackling more obstacles in sections. The primary difference between Intermediate and Novice is more rocks, ledges and logs. There is not an equivalent class in NATC. Sections may include:


The Novice class is for any trials rider focusing on the basics of the sport. Riders should understand the rules of the sport and are developing basic trials skills. Challenges should allow for generous approach and recovery space. First time competitors should feel comfortable attempting all sections. Sections may include:


The Youth class is for any trials rider 12 years or younger that is just starting to ride. There are separate sections (usually only four or five) from the normal loop that are just for Youth to ensure they are easy to get to (no tough loops to ride) and usually walking distance from the pits.


This class is for riders using twin shock motorcycles which are air cooled and without disc brakes. This class rides the line of group choice.


This class is for any trials rider who wants to ride in the sections during an event, but does not wish to compete in a particular class. Exhibition riders can choose any line they want per section. There are no places or championship points given for this class.